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Recycling Regulations Enforcement Begins August 1

Jul 27, 2017
All businesses in New York City are required to recycle certain materials and ensure to their best ability that those recyclable materials are properly handled by their private carter. As we approach August 1, 2017, the Department of Sanitation's (DSNY) enforcement will begin to officially enforce these new regulations, ending the warning period. This means that if your business is found in violation of the new rules you may receive a fine.
The best way to ensure you are in compliance with these new regulations is to work closely with your private carter. If you are unsure whether or not your carter is in compliance, you may contact the NYC Business Integrity Commission (BIC). Similarly, BIC is making available two new decals: one for commercial refuse and recycling collection and one for organics recycling. If you are interested in new decals, schedule an appointment with BIC by calling (212) 437-0565.
You can visit  DSNY's website for more information about the new recycling rules, including what materials need to be recycled and how to avoid violations. Click here to view an official flyer from DSNY.