Business Spotlight

Meet The Manager: Rajmonda of Le Pain Quotidien

Apr 24, 2017

Just off the busy intersection of Columbus Avenue and Broadway on 65th Street, Le Pain Quotidien stands as a delightfully rustic-inspired café with communal tables, delicious food, and a community-oriented philosophy. Inside of the 60 West 65th Street location, Rajmonda Lunaj works as the General Manager, where she’s been leading the staff for two years. Rajmonda loves working in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, and even transferred back to this location after working as a General Manager elsewhere in the city. She’s happy to greet guests and get to know faces that frequent the café. Her favorite part of working in the area is that she feels genuinely connected to the neighborhood’s locals and customers, having gotten to know many people from her time here. She often recognizes people as she walks around outside, and it makes her feel good to be so connected.

With a customer base ranging from Lincoln Center and theater goers, to shoppers, to residents, this location attracts a diverse range of customers seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But this works to serve Le Pain Quotidien’s mission to create and foster meaningful connections. And, in fact, in order to better serve this mission, Le Pain is offering a 10% discount to every guest that agrees to place their cell phone in a sealed box at their table not to be opened until after the check is paid.

Le Pain Quotidien also offers an App that has a point reward system. Downloading the App grants you a free tartine and after every seven purchases you can choose a reward during your next visit. The App also allows you to order ahead of your visit and offers other benefits that make ordering and paying easier. 

Image: Store Manager, Rajmonda Lunaj with local patron, James Blue Weiss