Business Spotlight

Citizen Jane at Lincoln Plaza Cinema

May 3, 2017
Jane Jacobs is a name well known around New York City. Jacobs was brought into the spotlight for her influence on Urban Studies, advocacy, and grassroots efforts to protect SoHo, Little Italy, and Greenwich Village from demolition for the proposed Lower Manhattan Expressway in the 1960s.
Now, her story comes to the big screen, thanks to director Matt Tyrnauer, in Citizen Jane: Battle for the City, the recently released documentary. Citizen Jane details the efforts Jane Jacobs spearheaded to protect and preserve Manhattan's urban communities against destructive development plans, a struggle which she believed was imperative to the very soul of New York City neighborhoods.
If you're interested in watching Citizen Jane, our local international and independent film movie house, Lincoln Plaza Cinema at 1886 Broadway (at West 62nd Street), is one of the only two locations in New York City showing this historic documentary. Click here for more information about the documentary, showtimes, and tickets.