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Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the largest and most ambitious performing arts complex in the world, grew out of an unprecedented public, private and artistic partnership that began in 1955 after the Lincoln Square area was designated for urban renewal. On May 14, 1959, President Dwight D. Eisenhower broke ground for Lincoln Center. During construction parts of the ...
Artemis, Acrobats, Divas & Dancers (MTA)
Neighborhood History
In a nod to both the Lincoln Center campus above, as well as the artistic character of the Upper West Side neighborhood, the walls of the 66th Street/Lincoln Center subway station are adorned with a series of 22 glass mosaic tiles by feminist artist Nancy Spero (1926-2009). Throughout the piece the central female icon of the opera, the Diva, is featured in various states of ...
Meet Carlos Valladares
Lincoln Square BID Clean Team
Carlos Valladares is a dedicated and hardworking member of our district's 14 person Clean Team, contracted through Atlantic Maintenance. Our Clean Team performs a number of tasks that positively impact our neighborhood's quality of life, such as sweeping the sidewalks and streets 18 inches out from the curb to clear litter and bagging trash from our BID branded receptacles for ...