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"Best Restaurants Near Lincoln Center"
Mike Mishkin details some great Lincoln Square eateries in his list of places to dine around Lincoln Square.
Writing for, Mike Mishkin put together a list of restaurants you can't miss when visiting our unique Upper West Side area. This list includes a number of our district's most notable restaurants, detailing some information about his experience dining out at each location and a recommendation on what to try when you go! Mishkin states in the article, ...
Meet Rajmonda Lunaj
Le Pain Quotidien Manager
Store Manager, Rajmonda Lunaj with local patron, James Blueweiss | Photo taken by Christopher Butt   Just off the busy intersection of Columbus Avenue and Broadway on 65th Street, Le Pain Quotidien stands as a delightfully rustic-inspired café with communal tables, delicious food, and a community-oriented philosophy. Inside of the ...
History of Lincoln Square, 1700 – 2000
Neighborhood History
INTRODUCTION The name “Lincoln Square” has defined the neighborhood surrounding the intersection of Broadway and Columbus Avenue since the early 1800’s.  Although in the beginning the name was given only to the small triangle of land now known as Richard Tucker Park, it came to represent the entire district by the turn of the century.  It has held ...