Listening Party - The Lost Generation: Jazz of the 1950s

Jazz at Lincoln Center

Frederick P. Rose Hall, Broadway at West 60th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10019

Irene Diamond Education Center’s Varis and Leichtman Studio



Event Dates

Apr 21, 2017



Listening Party - The Lost Generation: Jazz of the 1950s

This month, we have a Listening Party on Friday, hosted by Allen Lowe, that will explore the incredibly diverse, and sometimes overlooked, Jazz gems of the 1950s. In this session, Louis Armstrong, David Schildkraut, Charles Mingus, Paul Bley, and many more will be played side-by-side as we explore this amazing decade of music. The event is free, so please show up and bring a friend! The decade of the 1950s was one of the most fertile and creative in the history of jazz. One avant-garde movement–BeBop–was slowly if subtly being supplanted by another more poorly defined movement, by musicians who were steadily redefining jazz’s borders in harmonic and tonal terms. Even before Ornette Coleman, players were struggling with jazz’s tendency to consume its own repertoire through repetition and the necessity to work. Other jazz players of the 50s, less radically inclined, worked to consolidate and personalize BeBop’s dominating contours. Through this struggle emerged jazz’s Lost Generation: a movement of musicians, many of whom are largely unknown or unrecognized today (with some major exceptions), who were working to redefine jazz in their own terms: Hall Overton, Teddy Charles, John LaPorta, Paul Bley, Cecil Taylor, Tony Fruscella, Dave Schildkraut, Gigi Gryce, George Russell, Charles Mingus, and Teo Macero. In this lecture we will listen for what and how this generation was playing and composing, and discuss why so much of their work has been overlooked and ignored.